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QR C○ode to follow us o◆n WechatHuawei launc●hes foldable○ 5G smartphone Ma◆te XHuawei la〓unches foldable 5◆G smartpho■ne Mate XHuawei la●unches foldabl■e 5G smartphone Mat●e X02-25-2019 10:47○ BJTBARCELONA, Sp●ain, Feb. 24 ●-- Chinese 〓tech compan●y Huawei on■ Sunday it●s their Ma●te X, a foldable 5■G ready smartphone■, at an event atten〓ded by aroun■d 3,000 people h●eld on the eve ●of the 2019 M○obile World Congr●ess (MWC2019) wh●ich opens ■here on Mon●day.The Mate X h●as a 6.6-inch◆ screen, w◆hich can be open●ed out into◆ an eight-inch◆ OLED sc

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